Cheats for Theme Park World (PS/PS2)

CA lot of gold tickets:
While playing, press the combination [UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Circle, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, UP, Circle] 4 times, then press Start. You will hear a sound if you entered the code correctly.

Never lose money cheat:
On the map screen press [LEFT, DOWN, Circle, X] 8 times and you will here a signal.

Money trick:
When your money is getting a bit low, just save the game, then re-load it. You will find that everyone of your visitors has left the park and within the space of about 5 minutes, at least 50 visitors come back and PAY to get in.

Puzzle mony trick:
Get your scientists to research the giant puzzle sideshow, build one and then when somebody starts to play it raise the price to $10,000 and then at the end of that persons go they will pay the $10,000. Its quick and easy and gets you 10k quick.

All research:
Go to the map screen and press [ UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, Right] 8 times in a row.

Fun with kids:
To kill the kids in your park build a rollercoaster and make a hill by raising the track DO NOT! raise all off it now put lot's of curves in and some cork screws and more hills not bunched up then put lakes all around the rollacoaster and you'll see kids fly in the air and their parents will come and belt up some of your entertianers. It's real funny.
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