Cheats for The Simpsons: Road Rage (PS/PS2)

Cheat Codes:

Go to the options menu, hold down R1 and L1 and then press any of the following codes:
Extra money - S, S, O, O
More camera views - T, T, T, T
Night time - X, X, X, X
Flat characters - O, O, O, O
Show collision lines - T, T, X, X
No map - S, T, T, O
Drive red soapbox car - T, T, S, M, O
Drive Mr. Burns car - T, T, S, S
Drive nuclear bus - T, T, S, X
Stop time (press T to start, stop and reset) - O, T, S, X
Slow motion - X, O, T, S

Extra time: To get +2 seconds, hit the phone booths that have Mr. Burns' picture on them. You can get +2 seconds in the road rage levels by running over the Transit bus stops.

Mission skip: Intentionally fail a mission five times and it can be skipped. Note: This cannot be done on the final mission.

Extra time and money: Start in Evergreen Terrace. Drive straight ahead to the bus-stop and pick up the passenger. They will want to go to the Kwik-E-Mart. Drop them off and pick up the passenger just outside the Kwik-E-Mart. They will want to go to Smither's apartment. Drop them off and shoot down the alley opposite to pick up the passenger waiting at the end. They will want to go to Smither's appartment. The passenger will always be Martin, or the Sea Captain or Barney. Do a quick 180 and shoot down the alley to drop them off. Then, shoot up the alley again to pick up the next passenger, who will always want to go to Smither's apartment. Keep repeating this for easy money.

Easy money: Pick up someone, take them to their destination, but park just outside of the destination. Wait there until you have fifteen seconds left, then drop them off and pick someone else up. Keep repeating this trick until you run out of time.

Mission 10: Easy completion: A very easy way to complete Burns Arena, Mission 10, is to pause game play and set the camera to the bumper view. Then, just drive into the statues and avoid Mr. Burns and Smithers.
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