Cheats for The Grinch (PS/PS2)

Level Skip:
Go to the gadget screen and press X while holding R1.

How to avoid the lasers on the statue:
Unlock the lasers on the statue in the City Hall by using the Grinch's bad breath.

City hall:
To get into City Hall shoot the big clock and the door will open.

Mini Game Access:
Destroy the following number of presents to get the indicated mini game. Go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to play the games.

750 presents - Spin N Win Mini Game
1,500 presents - Pankamania Mini Game
2,500 presents - Copter Race mini Game
3,000 presents - Bike Race Mini Game

The Different Gadgets:
Binoculars - whoville - 4 blueprints
Rotten egg launcher - whoville - 4 blueprints
Rocket spring - whoforest - 9 blueprints
Slime shooter - whoforest - 9 blueprints
Octopus climbing device - the dump - 9 blueprints
Marine mobile - wholake - 16 blueprints
Grinch copter - every level - 16 blueprints
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