Cheats for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (PS/PS2)

On the cheats menu, enter the following codes:

Invincibility: Square(x2), X, Triangle, X, Circle, X, Circle
Unlimited ammo: X, Triangle(x3), X, Circle, X, Square
Quadrupled damage: Triangle(x4), Square, X, Circle, Square
All future weapons: X(x3), Triangle, Circle(x2), Square, X
All past weapons: Circle(x2), Triangle, Square, X, Triangle(x2), Square
Automatically complete missions: Square(x2), Triangle, Circle(x2), X, Square, Triangle
Fight TX Endoskeleton in every battle: Triangle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle(x4)
Unlock Centepide In "Special Features" : Circle(x3), Square(x3), Triangle, Square
Unlock Missile Command In "Special Features": Circle(x3), Square(x3), X(x2)
50% more health in combat with TX: Triangle(x2), Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle
50% more health for TX in combat: Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle, X
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