Cheats for Tekken Tag Tournament (PS/PS2)

To unlock... - have to:
Theater mode - Beat arcade mode once.
Tekken Bowl Juke Box - Get 200 points.
Gallery mode - Unlock Devil.
Tekken Bowl mode - Unlock Ogre.
Gold Tetsujin - Win ten matches in versus mode.
Heihachi - Beat arcade mode without losing in less than 5 minutes, 30 seconds.
Play as Tiger - Highlight Eddy and press Start.
Play as Angel - Highlight Devil and press Start.

Bonus characters:
Beat arcade mode to unlock one of the bonus characters. A new character will be unlocked each time (in the following order):
Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototype Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil & Angel

Select practice mode stage:
Highlight Practice Mode, hold L2 and press R2 the following number of times:

01 - Law
02 - Yoshimitsu
03 - Ling
04 - Hwoarang
05 - Lei
06 - Ogre
07 - School Stage
08 - Jin
09 - Nina
10 - Eddy
11 - King
12 - Heihachi
13 - Eddy
14 - Unknown
15 - Law
16 - School Stage
17 - Jin
18 - Nina
19 - Yoshimitsu
20 - Paul

Do Super Charger:
While playing, press all the buttons and your character will be a little faster and stronger for a few seconds.

New Outfit for Armor King:
First finish the game using Armor King. Then go to the character selection screen, highlight him and press Start.

Play as the monster behind Unknown:
In arcade mode, highlight Unknown, hold select, circle and triangle, and press R1, R2 and the same time. Only the monster behind Unknown should appear during gameplay on the 4th stage.

Be Devil Jin:
Play as both Jin and Heihachi in tag mode and press LEFT, RIGHT, Square, Triangle, Triangle, and X while playing as Jin.

Ling's Extra Ending:
Beat arcade mode with Ling, then beat it again in her schoolgirl costume. Then you can to view two different endings that she has.

Start Match With Second Character Selected:
Press and hold the Tag Button and press start. Continue holding the Tag button until the match starts.

"Unknown's" moves:
When playing with the secret charcter "unknown," she will switch what characters moves she does every time you switch her out and back in. You can also press R3 to change "unknown's" moves

Secret video:
When you are just finishing arcade mode, you will see a video of that player. You must lose the first match without harming the boss. Then you win the next two, killing the boss. Then quickly hold down all buttons and it will show a secret video never been seen before of the person you used to beat it with.

Quick way to beat computer in arcade mode:
Here is a nifty little tip for all those gamers out there having a hard time beating the computer, first off this trick really only works on normal and a difficulty above that. First pick Paul Phoenix, when the match starts all you need to do is land a jump kick (forward + left kick) then as they are in the air descending to a left jab (left punch) and immidiatly after that do Pauls power punch (back + left punch and right punch simultanously) and the computer will roll and stand up right into it! Walla 1 round won! P.S. sometimes it doesnt kill them, so after it hits them just double tap forwards to run towards them and when you get close enough hit right kick to slide.

Play as devil Jin:
Have Heihachi and Jin as partners. Press back then Triangle and Square at the same time (force). After that, red lightning will flow go around his body. During that press Triangle, Triangle, X (omen). It's in Jin's command list under force then omen. It doesn't last for that long. You can do moves during omen, the command list for Jin will tell you.

Tekken Pair play mode:
Press Right at the main menu. You can choose the same two characters in one team.

Transfeorm Katzuya to D.Kazuya:
Put Devil & Katzuya in 1 team when playing tag. Katzuya will become D.Katzuya.

Fastest Computer Killer:
Pick Jin, when you start throw out his Flipping Kick (Away and Circle)
Then use Jins thrust punch (Down/Away Square),
If the opponent blocks the first kick, they will almost always go for an attack and be nailed by the punch, knocking them down for an unrollable fall. Then just take 1 step forward and do the "Lightning Screw Uppercut" (Hold away + Square + Circle) This may not kill them first attempt but will reduce them to a fraction of energy. If they tag out, just get the next guy as he comes in...

Brian Fury Cheese:
If you want a way to get really cheap wins against the computer with Bryan Fury then do the following: As soon as the fight starts open the round with the Mach Breaker, after you knock the comp flat on his back walk up to about half a step outside of sweep range. The computer will try to sweep you every time and when he misses you can nail him again with another Mach Breaker. Since there is no quick tag out of that attack you can do this over and over again until you win.
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