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Cheats for Persona (PS/PS2)

Best Ending:
For the best ending, give these responses to Mae when you meet her in the Lost Forest:

Mae: "If I stay here I'll be safe, right?"
You: "Stop!"

Mae: "Why do you fight?"
You: "For everyone."

Mae: "Why must you live?"
You: "For finding the answer."

Get Chris:
1. Talk to the teacher in the room north of the entrance.
2. Search all the rooms on the 2nd floor.
3. Talk to the students in room 2-1.
4. Go to the casino in Joy Street and talk to everyone there.
5. Visit the abandoned factory.
6. Go to Yin & Yan and talk to Chris's mother. Tell that you know Chris and that you will be his friend.
7. After leaving the hospital, meet Chris in front of the Sebec Building.
8. Do NOT allow Brad, Ellen, or Alana to travel with you.
When you meet Chris in Mary's World, he will join you.

Get John:
First get Chris then get Juliet and then walk around and you will see John standing next to a tree.
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