Cheats for NFL Gameday 2002 (PS/PS2)

Easter Eggs:

ALL_BOBO - All Bobo teams
TWO_D - Flat players
LINE_BUSTER - Better defense line
SMARTER_CPU - CPU team is more difficult
JACKHAMMER - Crunch time with more hits
HAM INJURY - Hamstring injury when player tries to run
POP_WARNER - Floating players
989_SPORTS - Players named after 989 Sports programmers
STICKEM - Better receivers
BIG_PIG - Large football
RED_ZONE - Players named after Redzone programmers
BOOSTER - Fast Players
EURO_LEAGUE - Players named after European league stars
ENDURANCE - High endurance
TINY - Big players
FASHION_SHOW - Cheerleaders pictures after game
FLAT_LAND - Flat players
FATIGUE - Reduce fatigue
EVEN_STEVEN - Evenly matched teams
UNBEATABLE - Unbeatable team
GIANTS - Large players
PENCILS - Tall and skinny players
OVAL_OFFICE - Players named after U.S. Presidents
GRUDGE_MATCH - GameDay stadium
ROCKETMAN - Ball carrier has speed bursts
MUNCHKINS - Small players
SUPER_FOOT - Better running back
BASKETBALL - Players named after NBA stars
CREDITS - View credits

Bonus teams:
Press Circle at the team selection screen for a Super Bowl team. Press Circle(x2) at the team selection screen for an All-Star team.
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