Cheats for Metal Gear Solid (PS/PS2)

Beat Torture scene easy:
IF you own a Performance Playstation controller or any other knock-off controller with an auto-fire button, you can beat the torture scene repeatedly without losing any health. Simply activate auto-fire for the O button, and hold it down while ocelot tortures you. Its that easy. When Ocelot explains the controls to you during the cut scene, he says that if you use autofire, he'll know. This is a total bluff. you can beat it easily with auto-fire, and suffer no consequences. This really helps alot if you are planning to save meryl for the bandana ending and would like a lot of life to start out with.

Bonus Costumes and More:
To wear a tuxedo, beat the game twice on the same memory card slot (play over your last game.) The third time you start up the game Snake will remove his thermal suit in the elevator and be clothed in a tuxedo.

Beat the game at any skill level and look in the Special menu for a compilation of all the cut scenes throughout the game.

When confronting Psycho Mantis, he attempts to read your mind and may mention a certain video game. To have him mention more games (do this before confronting him) save any Konami game onto your memory card.

Briefing Camera Fun:
During more than a few of the briefing "tapes", you'll see the words "camera change" and "camera free". This lets you know that you can mess with the camera for a little something to do while you're watching them. To zoom in or out, use the square and triangle buttons. To switch cameras, use the circle button. Of course, if you have been playing the game all night and are drowsy, you'll probably figure out that the X button stops and ejects the "tape" by accident.

Change Title Screen Colors - Japanese Version:
When at the the Title Screen, simply press up/down/left/or right on the D-Pad to cycle through the different colors in the background graphics.

Defeating Psycho Mantis:
Before fighting Psycho Mantis plug your controller into the controller #2 slot and press any button, the screen should turn black and have the word "HIDEO" in green in the corner. After a few seconds it will go away and you can use the 2nd player controller to fighting against Mantis.

This way he won't be able to tell where your going to go because he can only read your left brain (left controller), he can't read your right brain (right cont.).

Defeating Sniper Wolf:
To defeat Sniper Wolf, you need to go all the way back to the Armory and go into the room with six mini-rooms inside of it. Go into the top-left room using your recently acquired level 5 key card. Inside is a PSG-1 and some ammo for it.

Now go back to Sniper Wolf. You should have picked up some Daizepam by now. This will allow you to aim your PSG-1 without it shaking. Go back to Sniper Wolf and shoot her with your PSG-1.

She may be hard to spot and times because she likes to hide behind things. Look for her breathe, and wait for her to come out. Equipping your thermal goggles will also help.

Defeating Sniper Wolf (2nd time):
Equip your nikita and run up. You will have a little fmv and then run to the lower left. Use your nikita to attack Wolf. It is easier to attack her with the missiles than to snipe her with the PS-G1. Make sure she doesn't see your missile because she might shoot it. It is easier to see her in first-person mode.

Defeating The Ninja:
Once you've reached the Ninja hit the Ninja with your bare hands a couple of times and he will fight you the same way. After the Ninja starts to glow,(which is at the end of the fight) time the glowing and hit the Ninja with your hands. If you are hit with the glowing you will probably die.

Defeating the Gunner:
After Meryl opens the cargo door for you in the first floor of the Tank Hangar, you should go up top and make sure you get the Mine Detector. Now go back down and through the door.

Turn on your Thermal Goggles so you can see the infrared sensors moving across the room. Make your way across the room carefully so you don't touch any of them. If you do, the doors will shut and the room will fill up with poisonous gas.

After making it through that room, you'll have to fight the Gunner. First, turn on the Mine Detector and crawl over all of the Claymore mines so you can pick them up. Then throw out a Chaff Grenade to disable the Gunner's main weapon.

With the main weapon temporarily unfunctionable, all the gunner can hit you with is the regular gun. Try to manuever yourself so that you can get behind the tank, and then throw as many grenades as you can on it.

Be sure to throw a Chaff Grenade out every time the one you previously threw out wears off. Also, there are Rations and more Grenades scattered out over the battle field. These will certainly help you make it through this fight.

Destroying the Generator:
To blow up the generator, you need a Nikita. Simply fire it and then get in first-person mode to make it easier to aim the missile. First turn right, and go through the door straight ahead, then left and you'll be in the room with the generator. Now just run into it. The cameras may shoot it DOWN, so you'll probably have to try this more than once.

Extra Modes:
The regular game is excellent, but the built-in VR Training mode is a definate must.

At first there is only one choice, Practice. Finish all 10 stages, then you gain Time Attack, where the difficulty is heightened a little, but shouldn't be a problem besides the time limit.

Complete these 10 and you gain Gun Shooting mode, in which the difficulty is at max, and you HAVE to kill ALL the guards to progress within the time limit. You are given a Socom regular gun with supressor silencer and 5 bullets per guard. If you run out of bullets, you'll have to choke your way out.

If you can finish these 10 stages, one last stage can be chosen, Survival Mission, where you rush through all 10 stages one after another, in under 7 minutes. You start with 30 bullets and dead guards drop bullets.

Exercising Meryl:
While crawling along the duct in the Holding Cells, you may look down to see Meryl in her cell exercising. Should you leave the duct immediately (down the ladder), and re-enter it again. Meryl adopts a series of power workout moves each consecutive time you view her. They are:

A) sit- ups,
B) single-arm push-ups,
C) stretching,
D) sit-ups in underwear,
E) single-arm push-ups in underwear,
F) stretching in underwear,
G) sit-ups (same as A, and continuing with these from now on.)

Fa-Mas Tracer Trick:
First you need to get the bandana. To do this, DO NOT submit to Revolver Ocelots torture. When you complete the game and start over, you will have the bandana.

Now start your second game and play up to the part where you get the level 2 keycard. Go to the Armory Basement Level 2 and get the Fa-Mas and Fa-Mas ammo.

Now on your bullet counter in the lower right hand corner of your screen, you'll see that the last three shots are colored red. Fire the Fa-Mas until you use up all of the yellow shots and reach the red ones.

These are your tracers, and they trail when you fire them damaging things that they hit as badly as your normal Fa-Mas ammo would. Now put on your bandana. Because the bandana tricks the computer into thinking that you didn't fire your last shot, you will now fire all tracers. This acts as a "guidance system" of sorts and allows you to aim the Fa-Mas just as acurrately as the socom.

Fast Travel:
To move about through the complex faster, hide inside a cargo truck and use a C.Box. Remain perfectly still and a guard will drive the box to the area noted on the box. (There are three boxes, each to a different location.)

Get the Bandana:
To get the Bandana, wich gives you infinite ammomo and no auto re-loads, play up until you get to Ocelots Torture Rack. If you make it out of The Rack without dying or giving up, when you beat the game, you will get the Good ending, where you save Meryl. She will give you the Bandana, and then once the credits a through, you can save your game. Save it and then load it up again. Look into your inventoy and you will see the Bandana.

Get the Camera:
To get the camera, when you get a Level 6 keycard go to the first building (Tank Hangar), Then take the Elevator down to Basement 2. Go into the hall before the Room where you fought Ocelot. Then there should be a spot where you can blow a hole in the wall with C4, when you blow it up there are two rooms, The camera is in one of the rooms, and there is ammo and a ration around in there also

Mantis Memory:
The Mantis reacts with startlingly correct witticisms depending on the save games of other Konami games you have on your memory card. Try confronting him with a Castlevania, ISS Soccer, Suikoden or Silent Hill save game on your memory card for startling revelations.

Meryl's Undergarments:
In the Women's Restroom where you meet up with Meryl prior to the Psycho Mantis confrontation, if you follow Meryl straight in and move up to the top stall within five seconds. Meryl will not have time to properly change, and spends the first part of the conversation without her combat pants on.

Mad Mei Ling:
This is a code to make Mei Ling angry with you. Keep calling her over and over without saving. If you do it enough (8-10 times) she will stop talking to you and the stick her tongue out at you.

Nice Wolves:
To make the wolfs ignore in the cave area, do this: When you first make it to the caves, work your way to Meryl. Pull out your Socom, and have a Cardboard box ready. Shoot Meryl, she will tell the dogs to ataack you. Immediatley switch to your Box. The little wolf will come up and sniff the box. Then he'll lift up his leg, and pee on you and the box. Now you smell like the wolfs, and whenever you come to the cave after that, the wolves will leave you alone

Policenauts Guest Appearance:
After you defeat Ninja for the first time, and meet up with Otacon, he tells a story about Japanese Metal Gear prototypes. In the movie, pics from Konami's japanese game, Policenauts can be seen

Silent, Deadly, and Easy Neck Snap:
Sneak up, unarmed, behind a guard. When close, tap the square button really quickly ten times. This way you don't have to risk any ruckus.

Shy Meryl:
When walking around with Meryl, if you keep staring at her in first-person mode. Meryl starts blushing, turning embarrassed and tapping her gun to her leg. Keep looking at her, and she turns more and more red, whispering embarrassed little questions

Stealth Suit:
To get the Stealth, wich makes you invisible to all enemies except for Wolfs and bosses, play up until you get to Ocelots Torture Rack. Submit to Ocelot by pressing SELECT. After the game is beaten, you will get the bad ending where Meryl dies and you escape with Otacon. He will give you his Stealth suit. Watch the credits, then save your game. After you save, go to the Main Menu and load your game. Look in your inventory, you will find the Stealth Suit.

Torture Tips:
As you probably know, there are no continues in the torture event. If you lose, you start at your last save. So this won't be a huge loss, remember to save after beating Sniper Wolf. The torture event is coming very soon afterwards.

If you want the best ending, don't submit to the torture. It gets more difficult on the higer difficulty levels, but it never gets impossibly hard.

After getting through two tortures, you will have a chance to escape. When the guard runs to the bathroom, hide under the bed. When he says, "He's gone!" and runs to the door, hop out and snap his neck.

After you get your stuff back, get rid of the "Timer B." It's a time bomb.

Warp to Area 15:
You will need the level 100 card gameshark trick to do this but its really worth it. Activate the code, then go to the tank hangar go up the elevator to Basement 1. Right when you get out of the elevator go to the door to the left of the elevator by using your level 100 keycard. The screen will turn black and you will skip all the way to the torture scene.

Technical demonstration mode:
Successfully complete the following modes in order "Training", "Time Trial", "Gun Shooting", "Survival". Note: Completing each mode will unlock the next mode in the sequence. "Technical demonstration" mode will now be unlocked. Use it to watch the CPU demonstrate its best time with the gun.

Run and shoot simultaneously:
Take out your weapon (for example, the SOCOM pistol), then hold Square + X and move Snake on the D-pad. He will run and shoot simultaneously.

Alternate title screen (Japanese version):
Press the D-pad at the title screen to change the background colors.

Get past infrared beaml easily:
To Get past the infrared beams, Equip the STEALTH camo and you will get past without dying or setting off a siren.

Knock Out Meryl easily:
When In psycho Mantis's office, just throw a stun grenade to knock out Meryl.

Meryl's Frequency:
If you don't have the CD case, this is meryl's frequency, 140.15. Use this after you see the guard that talks to Snake, heads for the elevator, then turns around to shoot at Snake. Use it before, and you will get the message no response.

Human Shield:
When sneaking up behind a guard you can use him as a shield. Press the neck snap button, but don't kill the guard. Instead, hold the button down pressing it everytime the guard moves. The first time the guard gets hit, he will drop. You can also use this to kill a guard by dragging him somewhere that the other guards will not find you and snap the guard's neck.

Regain health in torture scene:
In the torture scene you can also use the 2nd controller to regain health if your with a friend.

In the toilets if you stand with your back against the toilets you're looking through the toilet in the middle.

Explosive backpack:
To make an explosive back pack you need to get out some c4 and come up behind a guard. then press Square. If you were close enough he should be wearing a c4 on his back. It also helps if you have stealth.

See Otacon before the fight:
To see Otacon before you fight the ninja all you have to do is go to the 2B in the nuke building and lean up on the wall after you get out of the elevator on the right side of the screen lean on the wall and there you will see Otacon paceing.

Ghost Images:
First, you need to obtain the camera either by

[A] Finishing the game with the ending where Meryl dies and starting that newly created save file with the camera automatically in your inventory or ...

[B] Getting at least as far as defeating Liquid Snake in the hind helicopter sequence, then going to the room located in Base 1, floor B-2 with a Level 7 cardkey where there are two autoguns you will have to use C4 explosives to the wall below and to the right of the bottom entrance to the room where you fight Revolver Ocelot -- in one of the two rooms here, the camera is located in the top one. BTW if you run into a jammed door that you should be able to, try using a C4 explosive on it and trying to it then.

In either case, here is how you see "Ghosts". Make sure you have at least 2 blocks free on a memory card to save at least one picture Take pictures of different things and you may find a "Ghost" image of different programmers, artists, etc. superimposed on your new snapshot Ive found two by taking pictures of the ravens on the last major elevator and one by snapping a shot of the dead guy in the prison cell.

Here are the locations for all 43 Spirit photos:
Kojima - Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right)
Matsuhana - Hallway of corpses (outside Otacons lab)
Sato - Comm Twr A (roof destroyed by a Hind D missiles)
Nakamura - In Meryl's blood pool (where she is sniped)
Shinkawa - Deep in Sniper Wolfs hallway behind the second pillar
Uehara - Edge of elevator (the one were the ravens are)
Negishi - Sewage waterfall
Mizutani - When fighting Metal Gear
Korekado - Men's retroom
Sasaki - Picture frames in the Commanders room
Sonoyama - Torture machine
Toyota - Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse
Kozyou - Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon
Shimizu - Wolf dog cave (first crawling point)
Kaneda - The mirror located in the Women's restroom
Fukushima - Heliport,looking out to sea from cliff
Takade - Ninja room,glass atedga
Fujimura - Elevator,in the Comm Twr B complex
Shikama - Electic floor
Kimura - MG underground base,tip of of Metal Gear 'srailgun
Kobayashi - Rock in canyon
Okajima - Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell
Nishimura - Next to Baker's corpse
Mukaide - Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle
Onoda - Where Baker is tied up
Kitao - Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse
Yoshimura - Dead end ofair duct
Hirano - Elevator (Comm Twr B) deep in the shaft of top level
Muraoka - Water in cargo dock
Ishiyama - Heliport top of building
Ito - Inside elevator to tank hangar
Jerem Blaustein - Sniper Wolfs corpse
Yoshioka - Bridge on the third floor of the the blast furnace
Mori - Lowest point of elevator (Comm Twr B)
Kinbara - Darck area of stairs
Tougo - End of boiler room (in Blast Furnace where the stemeam is)
Makimura - Hidden armory store room behnd the weakened wall)
Kutome - Observation room
Tanaka - Heliport,sleeping soilder
Shigeno - Heliport,security caera by staircase
Yamashita - Tip of nuke warhead in nukestorage room
Kobayashi - Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief
Scott Dolph - Way down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Tower A and B
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