Cheats for Medal of Honor: Underground (PS/PS2)

Cheat codes:
Enter these codes at the Options/Passwords screen. The "Send" button will turn green if you entered the code correctly. Then you can turn the codes On or Off at the Options/Secret Codes screen. Note! The codes will only work on the levels you've already completed.

ENTREZVOUS + PORTECLEFS - Unlock everything
ENTREZVOUS + LEMONSTRE - Panzernacker unleashed
PUISSANCE - Invulnerability
BALLESVITE - 4 x firing rate
LATIREUSE - Podoski mode (One shot kills)
RICOCHET - Bouncing bullets
AUTODINGUO - Wacky taxi mode
MOHUEQUIPE - Team Gallery
MOHDESSINS - Cartoon Gallery
DWIECRANS - DreamWorks Personal Screens
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