Cheats for Medal of Honor: Frontline (PS/PS2)

[Platform: PlayStation 2]

Pause the game (press Start) and press:
Invincibility - Square, L1, Circle, R1, Triangle, L2, Select, R2.
Infinite Ammo - Circle, L1, Square, L2, Select, R2, Triangle, and Select. Or Circle, L2, Square, L1, Select, R2, Triangle, Select.

Rubber Grenades:
Enter "Flawless" on the Enigma machine to get rubber grenades.

Cheat mode (at the Enigma Machine):

MONKEY - Get a Gold Medal on the current mission
TIMEWARP - Get a Gold Medal on the previous mission
WHERERU - Invisible Enemies
BOING - Rubber grenades
BULLETZAP - Bullet shield
HABRDASHR - Men With Hats
LONGSHOT - Snipe-O-Rama, every weapon gets sniper mode
WHATYOUGET - Silver bullet, One hit kills enemies
URTHEMAN - Perfectionist, One hit kills you
GLASSJAW - Achilles' head, Enemies only dies of headshot
ORANGUTAN - Mission 2, A Storm in the Port
BABOON - Mission 3, Needle in a Haystack
CHIMPNZEE - Mission 4, Several Bridges Too Far
LEMUR - Mission 5, Rolling Thunder
GORILLA - Mission 6, The Horten's Nest
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