Cheats for Harvest Moon (PS/PS2)

Marry Ann:
Want to marry Ann? 1st you must talk to her more often.She likes wool, she also likes animals so show your dog everytime.

Marry Elli:
She likes fish, eggs and milk.soon she fall in love with you.

Marry Karen:
Don't talk to her much often. Talk to the bandana guy much often. In spring or fall you can find wild grapes, give it to her. Visit Elli"s bar when it is open she might be there. Sometimes she's in the beah near Ann" house.

Love Meter:
White - Indifferent Blue - Friendly Green - Flirtatious Yellow - Deep affection Pink or Red - In love

Girl's birthdays:
Elli - Fall 01 Maria - Winter 11 Popuri - Spring 22 Karen - Wintet 29 Ann - Summer 14

Fairy Goddess:
When the season is Summer, plant 9 turnips & take the turnips near the waterfall throw the 9 turnips & fairy goddess will grant you a wish.

Get money easier:
This trick need 2 memory card & a file which contains animals. Go to diary (beside your bed) choose exchange animals & sell your friend's animals to a farm (poultary or Cow+sheep). Do it as much as you want (note:If you sell your chicken to Rick's mum you can sell the chicken you trade as 50.000.000g)

Choose who win for the cooking festival:
If you want the people to win talk to the people if you want to win don't talk to anyone.
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