Cheats for Colin McRae Rally (PS/PS2)

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following when asked to enter your name:

Code: Effect:
Silkysmooth - 60 fps
Openroads - All tracks
Diddycars - Micro Machine cars
Tinfoiled - Chrome car
Moonwalk - Low gravity
Skcart - Reversed tracks
Whitebunny - Reversed tracks
Trolley - 4 wheel steering
Peasouper - Adds fog
Buttonbash - Power accelerator
Heliumnick - Co-driver has a squeky voice
Directorcut - Different camera angles in replay
Kitcar - Turbo boost
Moreoomph - Double engine power
Forklift - 4 wheel steering
Blancmange - Jelly car
Hovercraft - 'Back to the Future' style flying cars
Nightrider - Race in the dark plus you will notice that some of the blocked of roads are now open. If you go down them then the car will stop and the lights will go off, then a beam of light will flash on to the car and lift it in to the air.

Free driving:
In the fifth track of Australia type in the code "diddycars" and after the jumps which are after the train track there will be a fence which will come in and then run along the side of the road. just at the corner, where the fence starts there is a gap and drive through and you are out in the open and away from the track.
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