Cheats for C12: Final Resistance (PS/PS2)

Cheat codes (pause gameplay and enter while holding L2):
Invincibility - UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, Triangle, Square, X, Circle.
All Weapons - UP, LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, Triangle, Square, Circle, X.
Secondary Attack Weapon - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Triangle, X, Square, Circle.
Infinite Ammo - DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, Square, Circle.
Collect Shield - UP, Let, RIGHT, Triangle, Square, Circle.
Stealth Mode - X(x2), Square(x2), Triangle(x2), Circle(x2), X(x2).

Defeat Alien Troopers:
To defeat Alien Troopers, hold R1 and run around them, shooting them with the laser. If they are in a group, they usually will not be paying attention.
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