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Cheats for Bouncer (PS/PS2)

Alternate costumes:
At the character selection screen, hold L1, L2, R1, or R2 and press X choose a person. Note: This has no effect in story mode.

Defeating Kaldea in panther form:
Choose to fight with Sion Barzahd. When you are not moving, press Circle(x2) while not moving with the D-pad.

Easy experience:
During in any battle, look at the top right of your screen. When one of the bubbles that represents an enemy is colored red, go to that person and quickly kill them. You will get the experience while your partner(s) did all the work.

Card key:
To get the card key, open all three boxes. There is one lunch box on either side on the seats. Just walk up to it to open it and move on quickly to the next one. The third box in a briefcase
in the back of the train, the key will be inside.

Team attack:
Immediately press R2 whenever you hear one of your teammates make a taunt. Most of the time everyone will all team up against an enemy. This move will mostly always be blocked by the final Boss.

Team sacrifices:
Do not worry if any of your CPU controlled partners gets defeated. As long as you are still standing, they will return for the next battle.

Hidden computer:
During the three-way path split, choose Sion. After defeating the two security guards, watch the intermission sequence and you will be in a office-like room. Go straight, then left to a door. Exit this corridor through the door on the immediate left. Run through the bar and out the door on the other side. Proceed left if you want to fight a security commander and a P-101, but it is not necessary. Go down the corridor a little bit, then left through the door. From there, follow the doors until you go up a flight of stairs, fight five to six guards with two P-101's, and see Kaldea the panther. Keep going and you will end up in a sloppy little computer room. Walk up to it and check out the information provided on the MSFs, Mugetsu, Kaldea Orchid, and "Aggelos Anastasius".
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