Cheats for Blitz: The League (PS/PS2)

Enter next cheat codes as a code:
ONFIRE - Ball trailer always on
BOUNCY - Beach ball
PIPPED - Double unleash icons
NOTTIRED - Stamina disabled
CLASHY - Super Clash mode
BIGDOGS - Super Unleash Clash mode

Easy sacks:
When at the line, take your LB and put him on the left
or right side and blitz in. Press L1 + X to do a hard hit on the QB.

Game modes:
All Or Nothing : Score in one set of downs or turn it over
Big Head : Big heads
Bonecrushers : Bone breaks in almost all hits
Buttafingaz : Every hit causes fumble
Cyberball : Robot football with no downs and exploding ball
David vs. Goliath : Big players versus smaller faster players
Deuces Wild : Safeties and two pointers are two points, everything else
worth one point
Domination : Make it take it
Lucky 7's : Every play you have the ball deducts 1 point from touchdown
No Injuries : No injuries
Pain : Touchdowns, dirty hits, & unleashed hits will score points
Windbreakers : Farts
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