Cheats for Bionicle: The Game (PS/PS2)

Bashing the Bohrok:
To do damage to a Bohrok or a Bohrok-Kal, you must get
it to unroll. When you're battling a Bohrok or Bohrok-Kal
as Toa Tahu (the red one)or Gali Nuva (the blue one),
they will randomly unroll to attack you.
If you're playing as Toa Kopaka (the silver one), then
you must get close enough that the Bohrok is targeted.
Then, use your shield This will unroll the Bohrok
(attack it quickly and as many times as possible
during the 3 seconds that you have before it rolls up

Bionacle of light takua nuva:
Complete the game with all 6 toa including toa tahu
nuva's quest to unlock the bionicle of light takua nuva
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