Cheats for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (PS/PS2)

Second Cheat Menu:
Hold down R2, L1, Left on D-pad, R3, and then hit start. It will give you another cheat menu.

Unlimited Experience/Money:
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance allows you to save your game, then import the character to a different save. So before you defeat the first boss in the sewers, save then defeat the boss and create a new save. You now can reload the save before you beat the boss then import the character from the save where you defeated the boss. Now you can fight the boss again and save over the save after you defeated the boss (do not save over the save of before you beat the boss). You can now repeat this procedure as many times as you like. This will give you 2000 experience points, a flaming long sword, and a short bow each time you do it.

Unlock the Gauntlet Mode:
Beat any difficulty setting in the normal game.

Unlock Extreme Difficulty Setting:
Beat the Gauntlet mode.

Unlock Drizzt Do'Urden as a PC:
Beat Extreme Difficulty mode.

Play As Drizzt Do'Urden Anytime:
Start playing a new game. When you choose your new player, hold down L1, L2, R1, and R2 while you select the character. After the loading screen, Drizzt will walk into Baldur's Gate.

Cheat mode:
Hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press Start during game play. A cheat menu with "Invincibility," "Level Warp" options will be unlocked.

Super character:
Hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press R3 during gameplay. Your character will speak to confirm correct code entry. Your character will now be at level 20 and have access to all feats. Your character will also have level 1 feats on all class-dependent feats and 75,000 more gold pieces. Note: Your character will not advance to a higher level or gain additional feats.

Play as Drizzt:
Hold L1 + R1 then press X + Triangle at the main menu.

Duplicate items:
Save the game, then drop the items to be duplicated from the inventory of your current character. Press Start and choose change your character. Import your character from the previously saved game. The game will bring in your character with all items in inventory at the time of your save, and allow you to collect the duplicates that are on the ground.

Resurrection in multi-player mode:
If a player dies during multi-player mode, have the surviving player go the previous save point. Then, press Square (Use) repeatedly with the deceased player's controller. The character will be resurrected with all items, but at half hit points.
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