Чит коды на Jet Set Radio (PS Vita)

Unlockable Characters
To unlock the characters listed below, satisfy the corresponding requirements.
Cube/Combo - Finish Chapter 1
Garam - Clear Garam's challenges
Goji - Earn a JET ranking on all Grind City stages
Gum - Clear Gum's challenges
Mew - Finish all City of Night stages and beat Mew when she challenges you
Poison Jam - Earn a JET ranking on all Kogane-cho stages
Tab - Clear Tab's challenges
Slate - Win a race against Slate in Kogane-Cho
Yo-Yo - Clear Yo-Yo's challenges
Pots, the Dog! - Clear the game with the Jet ranking on all stages
(Story mode and basic stages)
Love Shockers, Noise Tanks - Earn a JET ranking on all stages
(including Golden Rhino stages)
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