Чит коды на Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (PSP)

Make Infinite Scraps:
1) First talk to the Felyne that creates equipment designed for Felynes
2) Select "Aquire Scrap Items" [Second Option] 3) Select to Aquire Scraps
from your Bag [First Option] 4) Make Scraps 5) Immediately open your bag
afterwards. And the item you chose to make scraps would still be there,
and the scraps made will also be placed inside your box. To avoid this
glitch, simply choose to make scraps from your box [Second Option]
instead of the [First Option] from your bag. The item that you made
scraps from should still be there. Repeat this method to obtain a
infinite amount of a specific scraps.

Unlockable Movies:
Movies will be unlocked when you kill or capture a monster
in Village, Low or High Rank Quests.

Amatsumagatsuchi Ecology - Kill Amatsumagatsuchi
Jinouga Ecology - Kill or capture one Jinouga
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Festival Event - Complete the 4 star Urgent Quest
Monster Hunter Portbale 3rd In- Game Intro - Start a new game
Qurupeco Ecology - Kill or capture one Qurupeco
Uragaan Ecology - Kill or capture one Uragaan
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