Чит коды на Midnight Club: L.A. Remix (PSP)

Sell your cars without actually selling them:
Your car has a trade-in value at the "Manage Vehicles" screen under the
stat bars. You can receive that amount without losing your car.
First, make sure you have enough money to buy the same car from
the Showroom. For example, assume you have a 1979 Trans Am worth $36,000.
Buy another one for $16,000. When you sell the car you just bought
(the unmodified, stock, car), you will receive $36,000 and not lose
your modified one (a $20,000 gain). There is a catch, however; your
car will lose its value and only be worth approximately $12,000.
However, for every race you finish and receive prize money, the value
starts going back up. You can repeat the trick after awhile.
This works with every car.
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