Чит коды на Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (PSP)

Receive Silver Darts from Alex's Dad instead of Sling.:
Have the Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star PSN Demo Clear Data saved on your Memory Stick,
once you start Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star you will be prompted on whether or not
you'd like to load the Demo's Clear Data, select Yes and once you go to visit Alex's Dad
before going to the Dragon Cave, you will receive Silver Darts instead of the usual Sling.
This powerful item usually cannot be obtained until later in the game for 26,000 Silver.

Silver Darts - Choose to start a New Game, then load Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star Demo Clear Data.

Sound Test and Voice Test:
To access the Sound Test and Voice Test, which play music and voice tracks in the game,
respectively, complete the game and they will be accessible in the options menu either from
the title screen or the pause menu.

Sound Test - Complete the game
Voice Test - Complete the game
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