Чит коды на LocoRoco 2 (PSP)

Bonus levels:
Collect all three pieces of the indicated map to
unlock the corresponding bonus level:
BuiBui Fort 3: Smudged map
JaoJab 3: Coarse map
Kelpaton 2: Soggy map
Perculoka 2: Bumpy map

MuiMui Crane mini-game:
Expand your MuiMui House, and build a MuiMui Crane object.
To grab objects with it, press Left or Right to move around
as the crane is descending. Keep playing, and a BuiBui will
eventually appear with a larger claw. This allows some hard
to get items easier to obtain.

Video clips:
Successfully complete a level with 20 LocoRocos to unlock
a short video somewhere on the map and under "One Day..."
in the "Memories" menu at the MuiMui House.

Fight against Galanmar:
Get rid of the Moja Bunyo (black clouds) from all levels,
including the bonus levels, to unlock the final Boss.
To see how many of them are remaining, press Triangle at
the world map to zoom out and check the counter.

Easier "BuiBui Fort 3":
Keep jumping from time to time to prevent your LocoRoco
from straying or jumping from an edge. Reach the Chuppa,
then fire at it when it tilts backwards almost all the way.

Defeating Majoline:
To defeat the third Moja Boss, jump and hit her eyes.
To do this, wait for her lip to raise up so you can get
close enough to hit them.

Defeating Mutated Bonmucho:
To defeat the second Moja Boss, aim at the grey nostril hairs.
Once you have one held, press L + R to pull it out.
Do this three times to defeat him.

Defeating the final Boss:
At the very end, she does a lethal charge. Tap Circle to rapid fire,
but not too quickly. Keep doing this during the final charge.
You should get in enough hits to defeat her.
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