Чит коды на Kick-Ass (PSP)

Bazooka Expert (Silver) - Complete the game in Normal Difficulty
Big Daddy Expert (Bronze) - With Big Daddy, use the flashbang to stun 6 enemies at once.
Collector (Bronze) - Collect all 8 hidden comic books
Completionist (Bronze) - Level up any one character to level 50.
Hit Girl Expert (Bronze) - With Hit Girl, Kill 2 enemies in one wall run attack.
I have a friend (Bronze) - Complete a level in Co-op
I'm not Invisible (Bronze) - Set off the security camera 5 times in one level.
Kick-Ass Expert (Bronze) - With Kick-Ass, Kill 10 enemies during one rage activation.
OCD (Silver) - Destroy 1000 Crates
Slaughter Master (Silver) - Kill 1000 enemies
Too Easy (Gold) - Complete the game in Extreme Mode
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