Чит коды на Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing (PSP)

Unlockable vehicles:
These are the vehicles that can be unlocked through the game modes.
I still haven't listed the vehicles that can be unlocked through collect mode,
but its only three.

Blastous - Finish Challenge Turbo stage
Brutalistic - Finish High Performance stage
Bully Goat - Finish Extreme Racing stage
BurlEsquE - Finish Ultimate Challenge stage
Cul8r - Finish Challenge Turbo stage
Diesel Boy - Finish Ignition stage
Firestorm - Finish Ultimate Challenge stage
Formul8tor - Finish High Performance stage
Itso Skeenie - Finish Burning Wheels stage
Low-C CT - Complete Survival: hard difficulty
Mid drift - Finish Burning Wheels stage
Paradigm Shift - Finish Ignition stage
Pharoahdox - Finish Extreme Racing stage
Preying Menace - Finish Ultimate Challenge stage
Quad Rod - Complete Survival: medium difficulty
Symbolic - Complete Survival: easy difficulty
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