Чит коды на Hexyz Force (PSP)

Hard mode:
Successfully complete the game. Then, complete the game a second time
using the cleared saved game file to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Sound Test:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Sound Test" option.

Item Gallery:
Get the main character to level 50. For example, while playing Levant's
side, he must be level 50. Then, talk to Bigabu Beaze to unlock the
"Item Gallery" option.

Successfully complete the indicated task then talk with the Lycan at the
Argent statue to unlock the corresponding title:

1. Inheritor Of The Force: Successfully complete the game.
2. Reknown Hero: Kill 100 enemies. This also unlocks Celestis Mine
and Ragnafact Devasti.
3. Legendary Hero: Kill 1,000 enemies.
4. Unknown: Create items 100 times.
5. Master Force Scholar: Create items 300 times.
6. Keen-eyed Adventurer: Harvest item 50 times.
7. Component Hunter: Harvest item 200 times.
8. Unknown: Open chests 100 times.
9. Force Collector: Accumulate 10,000 FP.
10. Force Fanatic: Accumulate 99,999 FP.
11. Able Combatant: Have the main character reach level 25.
12. Furious Fighter: Have the main character reach level 50.
13. Ultimate Champion: Have the main character reach level 99.
14. Sword Greedy: Collect all weapons.
15. Ragnafact Blacksmith: Max a Hexyz weapon level.
16. Creation Crusader: Purify all recovery points.
17. Technique Master: Overkill the enemies 50 times.
18. Unknown: Ambush enemies 50 times.
19. Raging Demon: Activate Force Burst 50 times.
20. Unknown: Run from battle 50 times.
21. Unknown: Let Force Eaters steal at least 5,000 FP from you.
22. Force Eater Beater: Defeat 10 Force Eaters.
23. In Your Face, Me!: Kill your higher level clones 20 times.
Note: Go to the purple room outside Judgment Tower.
24. Traveler of Berge: Play for 15 hours.
25. Hyper Ultra Thanks!: Play for 100 hours.
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