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SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny (PSP)

Daybreak - Beat all missions up to Chapter 2 in The Gauntlet
Elation of Chance - Perform a Throw Escape
First Gate - Play The Gauntlet
Hidden Fierceness - Perform a Throw
Innocent Artist - Create a character with no gear
Loser's Lament - Win with a Ring Out
Painted Illusion - Take a photo / use frame decorations and backgrounds for thumbnail photographs in Creation
Waking Art - Create a character in Creation
Black Sword Valor - Execute a combination of 30 Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters
Chosen Child - Perform a Just Impact
End of Tests - View the Chapter 34 "Finale" in The Gauntlet
Expert Dancer - Perform a 7+ combo
Fearful Hero - Clear Trial of Defense with more than 2,400,000 points.
Fierce Blade - Execute 5 Side Dash Counters and Back Dash Counters in a single match.
Hidden Fierceness - Perform a Throw.
Iron Soldier - Hit an opponent into the wall 5 times.
Passionate Artist - Take 5 photos during a session in Creation's thumbnail photograph
Ranging Dash - Beat Trial of Attack with more than 1,600,000 points.

Innocent Artist Honor
Create a fighter without any clothing or items.

Bandana - Gather 50 titles
Deer Head - Complete The Gauntlet
Eye Patch - Gather 50 titles
Griffin - Complete The Gauntlet
Japanese Eye Patch (female) - Gather 50 titles
Kittymeow Head - Complete The Gauntlet
Komusou - Gather 50 titles
Minotaur - Complete The Gauntlet
Prayer Beads - Gather 50 titles
Tengu Mask - Gather 50 titles
Tiger Lily Armor - Gather 50 titles
Werewolf - Complete The Gauntlet
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