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Astonishia Story (PSP)

Unlimited Armor:
First off, make sure your characters aren't equipped with armor. Go buy some
armor, save your game, then equip the armor and then load your game. Your
character's defense level will reflect the fact that they have armor, but
they actualy won't have any one. You can do this as much as you want.

Defeating the White Dragon:
First beat Brimhild, then you will fight against the White Dragon. To defeat
the White Dragon, you need lots of Magic Potions and Grilled Eels (30 each
recommended if Ylenne is over level 20).

While fighting try to stay out of his meteor attack's range. When the White
dragon does not move, stay outside it. Line Ylenne up on a straight line
with the White dragon, go to little closer to him, then attack him with
Ylenne's Hell Fire attack. (You need in range to damage the dragon.) If
you need, use your other heroes to refeill her MP. In this case Ylenne
can use Hell Fire attack repeatedly.
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