Cheats for Metal Gear Acid 2 (PSP)

Enter these passwords at the password screen.
You'll obtain them as you load your saved games:
Card No.161 - Viper Viper
Card No.166 - Mika Slayton Mika
Card No.170 - Karen Houjou Karen
Card No.172 - Jehuty Jehuty
Card No.187 - XM8 Xmeight
Card No.188 - SIGINT Sgnt
Card No.197 - Sea Harrier Hrrr
Card No.203 - Decoy Octopus Dcyctps
Card No.212 - Roger McCoy Rgr
Card No.281 - Hinomoto Reiko Xx
Card No.285 - Kinoshita Ayumi Kinoshitaa
Card No.286 - Ishii Meguru Shiimeg
Card No.287 - Sano Natsume Nonat
Card No.288 - MGS4 No Place

Unlockable Cards:
Complete the game on any difficulty and get a certain rare card:
"E-Z Gun" - Beat 5 or so levels in Arena Mode on Easy Setting
"G36C" - Beat 5 or so levels in Arena Mode on Extreme Setting
"Stealth Camo" - Beat 5 or so levels in Arena Mode on Normal Setting

Unlock Card Movies Selection:
Beat the game once and the selection "Card Movies" will appear
in the Deck Editor. This will allow you to view the clips associated
with various cards when you play them during gameplay
(such as watching the Grey Fox clip from MGS1 when you play
the "Cyborg Ninja" card).
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