Cheats for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP)

Final Story:
Collect all Xehanort Reports with each character and complete their
story modes to unlock the Final Story.

Trinity Archives option:
Successfully complete Story mode with any character to unlock the
"Trinity Archives" option.

Blank Points preview:
Successfully complete all of the following tasks to unlock a preview of
the next game in the series. Successfully complete the Final Story in
Critical, Proud, and Standard modes, and have a 100% Xehanort Reports
completion in Standard mode. The preview will appear at the end of the game.

Fight against Lingering Spirit Vanitas:
Successfully complete the Final Story to fight Lingering Spirit Vanitas
during Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's Story.

Strongest Shotlock:
Reach Level 29 in the Mirage Arena, and the Strongest Shotlock will
appear in your inventory.

Ultima Weapon:
Reach Level 30 in the Mirage Arena, and successfully complete the final
arena challenge, Arena's Ruler. Then, the Ultima Weapon will appear in
your inventory.

Defeating Gantu:
In Aqua's story in Deep Space, you will encounter Gantu several times.
The final battle with him happens when you find Experiment 626 and Dr.
Jumba. Stay close to him during the battle. Gantu shoots his gun most of
the time, which will not hit you if you are very close, landing combos.
When he dashes, follow him, and repeat the process.
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