Cheats for Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (PSP)

Unlock all characters:
In single player, swing and miss two times. After that hit the ball
perfectly three times to unlock all characters.

Easy Challenge Mode:
Keep losing matches intentionally in Challenge mode to unlock an
easy difficulty setting in the Challenge mode options.

Easy loyalty points:
Choose match play in challenge mode. Press Select + Start to give up
on your turn. Do this for three matches and intentionally lose.
You will still get loyalty points. Repeat this to get the maximum
amount of loyalty for the character.

See Patricia's underwear:
Select Patricia and choose a skirt. After getting an eagle she will do
her move with the post. Move the view to an angle that is at the lower corner.

Stop ball faster or make it roll farther:
Quickly tap Down to stop the ball faster or Up to make it go faster.
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