Чит коды на Wolfenstein (PS3)

Successfully complete the game to unlock the cheat menu with "Infinite Money",
"Pumpkin Heads", "Unlock All Veil Powers", and "Unlock All Weapons" options.
Note: Enabling cheats will prevent trophies from being earned.

Have a saved game file from Wolfenstein 3D on your hard drive or memory card.
Then, start the first level, "Train Yard", to get $1,000.

Defeating the final Boss:
During the first phase, use Empower to get through his shield, then use the
Panzer Rocket Launcher and Veil Blue Rocket Launcher. During the second phase,
use the Slow Motion or Empower to defeat him. During the third phase, instead of
running up the ramp, shoot him with a sniper rifle or rocket launcher. Move
slowly, and get to the stairs. Have a weapon ready to kill the four waves of
Sniffers. Then, shoot him until he falls. During the fourth phase, just shoot
him and use the explosives.

Easy "Honorary Geist" and "Time Out" trophies:
Once you get the Veil Sight and Mire power, progress until you are able to play
the Farm mission. If you have already completed the mission, select "Replay
Mission" from the journal page. Go through the farm and underground base until
you get to the room that contains the Shield power crystal. Once here, since you
are in a room surrounded by crystals, when you activate a power you do not lose
any Veil Energy. Simply place a rubberband around one of the Analog-sticks or
any other method that keeps B.J. moving in the room, and leave the controller
and console alone for the necessary amount of time to get the "Honorary Geist"
and "Time Out" trophies.
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