Чит коды на Way Of The Samurai 3 (PS3)

Bonus accessories:
Get the indicated amount of Samurai Points to unlock the corresponding accessory:

Afro Hair (black): 1,400
Anachronistic Glasses: 6,600
Angel Wings (white): 5,400
Cat Boot (left): 7,800
Cat Boot (right): 7,600
Cat Ears (black): 8,300
Cat Glove (left): 7,400
Cat Glove (right): 7,200
Cat Tail: 8,000
Crazy Hair (black): 4,800
Demon Horns (white): 8,900
Demon Tail: 9,600
Demon Wings: 9,200
Futuristic Glasses (white): 3,600
Halo: 5,800
Mamuru Charm: 4,600
Mask: 2,400
Store Sign: 400
Swan Toy: 2,800
Tiara: 3,000
Tribal Earrings: 3,800
White Falcon: 1,800

Store discounts:
Get Yuzu as a partner by finding her in Takatane Village while you have less
than 300 HP. Talk to her, and select the "Oooh....Mother." option. After she
heals you, talk to her again to have her join. While she is your partner, you
can repeatedly talk to a vendor to get a random discount.
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