Чит коды на Wanted: Weapons of Fate (PS3)

Также известная как: Особо Опасен: Орудие Судьбы
Enter one of the following binary codes at the "Secret Codes" screen to activate
the corresponding cheat function. To use a cheat, pause the game, and turn it on
at the "Code Enhancement" menu. When a cheat is enabled, that particular chapter
will not be available for replay after the game has been completed.

Result Code
Play as Airplane Bodyguard 01010111
Play as Cross 01010100
Play as Janice 01000100
Play as Wesley 01000011
Infinite ammunition 01101111
Infinite Adrenaline 01101101
Super weapons 01001111
One shot one kill 01110010
Health improvement 01001100
Special suit 01100001
Cinematic mode 01110100
Close Combat mode 01100101
Headshot mode 01100111

Bonus characters:
Defeat one of the following characters to unlock them as playable:

SWAT Leader
The Immortal
The Original Spider
The Russian
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