Чит коды на Terminator: Salvation (PS3)

Также известная как: Терминатор: Да придет спаситель
Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

L.A. 2016 (Gold): Complete Chapter 1 - L.A. 2016 on any difficulty.
Thank Heaven (Gold): Complete Chapter 2 - Thank Heaven on any difficulty.
New Acquaintances (Gold): Complete Chapter 3 - New Acquaintances on any
The Sights (Gold): Complete Chapter 4 - The Sights on any difficulty.
Underground (Gold): Complete Chapter 5 - Underground on any difficulty.
Into the Wild (Gold): Complete Chapter 6 - Into the Wild any difficulty.
Angie (Gold): Complete Chapter 7 - Angie on any difficulty.
Every life is sacred (Gold): Complete Chapter 8 - Every life is sacred on any
For the Resistance (Gold): Complete Chapter 9 - For the Resistance on any
Seasoned Commander (Gold): Complete the Game - Become a commander on Medium
Veteran Commander (Gold): Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard
Determinated (Platinum): Collect all other Trophies.
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