Чит коды на Tekken 6 (PS3)

Selectable Win Poses:
Just before the win sequence plays at the end of a match,
hold left punch, right punch, left kick or right kick to
select your win pose. Some characters may have more or
less win poses than others.

Play against Nancy-MI847J in Arcade Mode:
To fight against Nancy-MI847J, you must clear all
stages of Arcade mode without continuing. You will
get the Nancy-MI847J bonus stage before fighting
Jin Kazama.

"Effects" to use in Customization Mode:
Comic Effect in English and Japanese: Beat the Last
level of Scenario Mode.

Playstation Home Rewards:
The following must be completed in Tekken 6. You'll
reap the rewards in PlayStation Home

Kazuya Gloves
Defeat Kazuya in Scenario Campaign
Tekken 6 Arcade cabinet
Beat Arcade Mode
Tekken 6 Crystal Tee-shirt
Defeat Heihachi Mishima in Scenario Campaign
Tekken 6 Long sleeves Tee-shirt
Complete the Scenario Campaign Mode
Tekken 6 Tee-shirt
Defeat "Container terminal 7" stage in Scenario Campaign
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