Чит коды на Skate 2 (PS3)

Draining The Dam:
Successfully complete all the Thrasher magazine challenges to unlock Draining
The Dam, which is the site for the Thrasher Cover shot.

Etnies Park:
Win all the street challenges to unlock Etnies Park.

Megaramp Stadium:
Win all the tranny contests to unlock Megaramp Stadium.

Skate Plaza:
Get sponsored, then select "Team Film Challenges" in your phone contacts.
Successfully complete them until you unlock a demo session with Rob Dyrdek to
raise money for a new park. You can now buy the Skate Plaza property from your
challenge map for $200,000.

Pool locations:
Pools can be found at the following locations. The letters and numbers refer to
the map markings.

Community Pool: Left of E and 3
Do-Drop Inn Pool: Middle of E-F and just below 3
G.E.D. High Pool: To the right of E and 4
Old Pool: D and just above 4
Party Pool: E and middle of 3-4
Poop Deck Pool: D 8
Think Pink Pool: Middle of C-D and middle of 3-4

Spot locations:
Spots can be found at the following locations. The letters and numbers refer to
the map markings. Kill a spot in Campaign mode by beating the second point
requirement to unlock it in Freeplay and Party Play modes.

1. Rock The Gap: Middle of B-C and just below 4
2. No Need For Speed: Middle of B-C and below 4
3. Mini-Mega Redux: Left of E and 4
4. Lilypads: Slightly left of D and below 7
5. Thrice the Hubba: Left of E and 5
6. The Wall: Middle of D-E and 3
7. Off Street: Slightly left of E and middle of 6-7
8. Books: Slightly right of E and middle of 4-5
9. Glass Awning: Slightly right of B and 5
10. By The Bridge: Middle of D-E and 6
11. Alphabet: Left of E and middle of 4-5
12. Razor's Edge: Left of C and middle of 6-7
13. Swiss Cheese Moon: Middle of C-D and 8
14. Welcome Hut: Right of B and 4
15. Poop Deck Pool: D 8
16. Bus Stop: Right of C and slightly below 4
17. Winged Bench: Slightly left of C and above 5
18. Manny Hop Set: Left of C and slightly above 8
19. The Statue: Slightly right of A and middle of 6-7
20. Urban Curves: Slightly right of E and just below 3
21. Getting Technical: E and above 7
22. Stink Pit: Middle of A-B and 5

Easy money:
Go through the Thrasher magazine challenges until you unlock the pros and get a
board sponsor to almost double your earning on most events. To make the most use
of this, place a maximum bet on the death races. If you do not win, restart, and
try again.
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