Чит коды на Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (PS3)

Master mode:
Successfully complete Musou mode on the Easy or Normal difficulty to unlock the
Master difficulty for Musou mode and Free mode.

Chaos mode:
Successfully complete Musou mode with a character from the Wu, Shu, Wei, and
Other factions to unlock the Chaos difficulty.

Alternate costume:
Reach level 25 with a character in any mode to unlock his or her second costume.

Voice Gallery:
Reach level 50 with a character in any mode to unlock his or her Voice Gallery.

Movie Player:
Successfully complete Musou mode to unlock the Movie Player.

Easy experience:
Select Free mode, and choose the Battle Of He Fei Castle scenario on the Chaos
difficulty. Have player one choose a maxed Zhuge Liang. Have player two choose
whoever they want to acquire weapons or level up. Have both players choose a
fast horse with "Acquire Weapon" skill (for example, Auburn King for his "Steel
Hoof" skill for charging into crowds). Zhuge Liang must be equipped with a 90+
weapon that has Ice element, Flash, True Musou, Air Wave, and Mystic Seal.
Having the Flash property is the most important as it will quickly cut down
enemies. When the scenario begins, have player two ride and jump into the pool
of water below the belt trap where you cannot be harmed. Have player one charge
towards Sun Quan's boats and ride onto the middle one (the boat just east of Sun
Quan's). There is a Hua Tuo's Balm located in an urn at the southeast corner of
the boat which will fill your Renbu and Musou gauges. Ride as close as you can
to Sun Quan without getting knocked off your horse. Because you are using a
maxed Zhuge Liang, make use of the special start tome to soften him up. As your
fire special attack is going off, pad your damage using your power attack, which
will also clear out enemy officers giving you more opportunity to open up on Sun
Quan. Just as your special ends and Sun Quan is getting back on his feet,
dismount and use your Musou attack on him. At this point, he should be close to
half or less HP, and finishing him off is easy. If he jumps or dodges and is
still standing after your Musou finishes, either hit him with your normal or
power attacks or refill by attacking the crowd, which should be nearly dead
because of your fire special. All of this requires approximately one minute. All
three objectives will be completed and you will get four weapons for each
character, plus gain some levels for the one who is not at the maximum. It is
possible to do this with Zhuge Liang at lower levels, but it is important that
if you do attempt it that you have the 90+ weapon mentioned as well as the
following skills: Infinite Renbu, Flame, Hellfire, Stamina, and Special Start.
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