Чит коды на Rock Band Country Track Pack (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Can't Take It With You (Bronze): Band members activate Overdrive a total of 10
times in a single song.
Doggone Drummer (Bronze): Get a 200 not streak playing drums.
Drop The Hammer (Bronze): Hit all hammer-on notes in "Satellite Radio".
Make The Eart Quake (Bronze): Hit 100% of the kick drum notes for any song on
Star Studs (Bronze): Earn 75 stars across all songs in Solo or Band Tour.
We're Better Together (Silver): Score 10 million total points across all sons
in Band World Tour.
Chuggin' Along (Silver): Complete Solo Tour on any difficulty with any
Crazy Mothertrucker (Silver): Complete Solo Tour on Expert any instrument.
Every Hand's a Winner (Silver): Every band member scores over 90% of notes hit
in "The Gambler".
Free & Easy (Silver): Full Band clears "Free & Easy" with 100% notes hit on
Smooth Talkin' Son Of a Gun (Silver): Beat "Suds in the Bucket" on Expert
You and Your Gang (Silver): Finish Band Tour Mode on any difficulty.
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