Чит коды на Rock Band 2 (PS3)

At the main menu, select the "Extras" option. Choose the "Modify Game"
selection, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding
cheat function. Note: Enabling a code will prevent the game from being saved.

All songs:
Press Red, Yellow, Blue, Red(2), Blue(2), Red, Yellow, Blue to unlock all
songs. Alternately, press Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle(2), Square(2),
Triangle, Circle, Square on a controller.

Venue select:
Press Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow to unlock
all venues. Alternately, press Square, X(2), Square, Circle, Square, X(2),
Square, Circle on a controller.

New venues:
Press Red(4), Yellow(4) to unlock new venues. Alternately, press Triangle(4),
Circle(4) on a controller.

Stage mode:
Press Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red. Alternately,
press Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle,
Triangle on a controller.

Awesome Detection:
Press Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange.
Alternately, press Circle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Square, X on
a controller.

Unlocking songs quickly:
Select "Tour" in "Tour Challenges" mode. Successfully complete the five decade
challenges from 1960s through 2000s. After completing the ten songs from the
challenges, you will unlock all other songs.

Easy "Bachman-Turner Award" trophy:
Go online or play with friends locally, and have a guitarist, bassist, and
drummer. Make sure all players' Overdrives are filled to the maximum. Have the
drummer go first and activate Overdrive. Just before his or her meter runs out,
have the guitarist activate his or hers. Just before his or hers ends, have the
bassist activate his or hers. Each player will keep it going during the duration
of the song, earning as you burn overdrive. Pay attention to each others'
meters. At the end of the song, you will get the achievement.

Easy "Band Savior" trophy:
Play with at least two other people. Have one band member fail two times and the
other band member fail one time, and save them each time to get the achievement.

Easy "Flawless Singing" trophy:
Go to Quick Play or Tour mode, and select "So Watcha Want" by the Beastie Boys
on the Expert difficulty. When the song starts, put the microphone up to your
speaker(s), and hold it there for the duration of the song. The only thing you
will have to do is yell to activate Overdrive when it appears and tap the
microphone for the solo parts. At the end of the song, you will have a 100% rank
and gold stars. Note: Make sure your volume is loud enough. For just a gold
star, select "Give It Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and do the same thing.
You will get a 99% rank without singing. If you want a 100% rank on that song,
you must be able to hit the last phrase in the song.

Easy "Million Point Club" trophy:
Select "Foreplay/Longtime" by Boston. Two players must be able to play on the
Expert difficulty and one player on at least the Medium difficulty. Finish the
song with at least 97% each, and you will have well over a million points.

Easy "Victory" trophy:
Select Score Duel or Tug Of War mode. Plug in a second instrument, and just play
one to get the achievement.

Unlock All Songs:
Go to EXTRAS menu, then MODIFY GAME, and click on ENTER UNLOCK CODE. Press Circle,
Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square.
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