Чит коды на Resonance of Fate (PS3)

Secret Costumes
After completing chapter 6, select Leanne and examine the wardrobe in her room.
While her first line is on the screen ("Hm, I think that outfit is in here...")
enter one of the following codes, and then hit A. Directions should be entered
on the d-pad, and L3 and R3 mean pressing in the left and right stick, respectively.

Politan Suit R3 R3 R3 Right Left Y X LT RT LB
(must finish Neverland first)
Gemaga RT LT LB RB Y Y Y X X Up
Platform Logo RT RB R3 L3 LB LT Right Left X Y
8-bit Girl Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right Y X
Hirakou X Y LB LB RB RB L3 L3 Up Down
Club Famitsu Y Y Up Up X X Left Left LB RB
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