Чит коды на Qlione Evolve (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

-=Qlione 1=-
Conception (Bronze): Complete Stage 2 in under 130 seconds.
Transportation (Bronze): Complete Stage 4 in under 270 seconds.
Continuation (Bronze): Complete Stage 6 in under 230 seconds.
Completion (Bronze): Complete all stages.
Fusion (Silver): Fuse 5000 orbs.
Consolidation (Silver): Create an energy orb worth at least 10 lives.
Destruction (Silver): Destroy 5000 enemy parts.
Quicklione (Silver): Finish the game in under 2000 seconds.
Equalia (Silver): Finish the game with at least 20 lives left.
Evolvia (Gold): Finish the game without using any continues.

-=Qlione 2=-
Cell Division (Bronze): Evolve 5 times.
Corpse Flower (Bronze): Evolve to Rafflesia.
Das Medusenhaupt (Bronze): Evolve to Medusa.
Tree of Life (Bronze): Evolve to every form on the Green Item
Evolutionary Path.
On the Origin of Species (Bronze): Evolve to every form on the Red
Item Evolutionary Path.
New Generation (Silver): Beat the game.
Fast Mutation (Silver): Beat the game in 1000 seconds or less.
Protein Rich (Silver): Evolve to Orochi.
Mikami Petal (Silver): Evolve to God Hand.
Inherited Traits (Gold): Finish the game in the Clione form.
Evolutionary Chart (Gold): Play as every form in one game.
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