Чит коды на Pain: Movie Studio (PS3)

After Party:
Break all eight sets in the Movie Studio (The Colosseum, The Alien Invasion,
Beaverzilla, Warzone, Tetanus, Car Chase, The Castle, and The Wild West) to
unlock After Party.

Uranus Invasion:
Blow up the alien ten times with an explosive box.

Play as Buzz:
Score 3,000,000 in After Party to unlock Buzz.

Bonus difficulties:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding difficulty:

Createtastic Hard: Get a "Gold" rank in Createtastic on the Normal difficulty.
Createtastic Painful: Get a "Gold" rank in Createtastic on the Hard difficulty.
Createtastic Platinum Club: Get a "Gold" rank in Createtastic on all other
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