Чит коды на Overlord 2 (PS3)

Easy gold:
Defeat the spider Boss in Everlight Temple. Use the elevator to exit. After you
have the Netherworld Gate to this zone unlocked, return to the temple, and open
the secret room at the top of the stairs by using the Overlord switch. You can
collect at least 1,000 gold from the treasure chests inside the secret room.
Warp to Nordburg Town Gate 3 to reset the temple area. You can also loot the
treasure chests next to the Tower Gate. Go back and forth between those two
areas to get easy gold.

Enslave both Nordberg and Everlight for large chests of gold that spawn when the
area is reset. Teleport between the two to collect from both and reset each for
your return. Each set of chests contains at least 1,000 gold. Note: You must
completely dominate a town to get 1,000 gold from chest spawning sites. All 100
citizens must be enslaved; for each 10 citizens not enslaved will result in 100
gold being subtracted (for example, 90 people enslaved results in 900 gold).

Easy magic crystals:
When doing the "Repair The Tower Heart" quest, go to the last sanctuary in the
wasteland after collecting the tower heart shards and returning to Faye. When
you enter the room where the heart is lodged in a gnome hole, move the heart
after positioning ten brown minions at the bottleneck near the netherworld
portal, and five red minions behind them for precautionary measures. The gnomes
coming out of the hole and trying to attack you will run into your minions.
Collect all the crystals for easy money. You can also get the "Gnome Grinder"

Easy Lifeforce:
Note: By the time you get to this area you should have picked up two Forge
Stones. Go to Forge, and buy the Evil Eye Helmet. This gives you two Lifeforces
instead of one for each collected. Go to the area where you need to recover the
Green Hive. When you are making your way out with it, you will reach an area
with two big opponents that shoot the blue beam gun. One will be roaming up top,
and the other stands next to a wheel to open the door next to him. In the same
room is a floor plate to release the gnomes behind a cage door. Release the
gnomes, and use them to help kill both of the blue beam gun opponents. After
they are dead, return to the gnome cage and open it again. They will keep
respawning. Try setting yourself near the top of the stairs going down while
facing toward the cage. Then, send out your minions. While they are out hunting,
set your controller to keep sending out minions. When not killing, they are
collecting Lifeforce at double the rate due to the helmet.

Easy dominance:
To dominate a town, over 50% of the town must be enslaved. Thus, only enslave 60
villagers in each town, and exterminate the rest. This will make it dominated,
and you will not have to run all over the town looking for the rest of the
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