Чит коды на NHL 11 (PS3)


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Custom Sweater (Bronze): Complete an EA Sports Hockey League match
while wearing a Custom Jersey.
Boosted Up (Bronze): Complete an EA Sports Hockey League match
with any one attribute boosted by +9.
Practice, Practice, Practice (Bronze): Play at least 8 hours of
game time in EA Sports Hockey League Practice.
EASHL Sophomore (Bronze): Play 100 Ranked matches with your online
Be A Pro character.
Boost Master (Bronze): Purchase or unlock 20 Boost items.
Top Draft Pick (Bronze): Get your created Pro drafted in the first
round of the NHL Draft.
Staying Power (Bronze): Remain on NHL team after the Pre-Season
with a created Pro.
Penalty Killer (Bronze): Kill of a 5 on 3 powerplay lasting at
least 1 minute in a ranked versus match.
Come Back King (Bronze): Win a ranked versus match starting the
3rd period down by at least 2 goals.
Shootout Start (Bronze): Win 5 Ranked Online Shootout matches.
Schooled! (Bronze): Play and win a Ranked Online Shootout match
using a OHL, WHL, or QMJHL team.
Getting Started (Bronze): Open a Hockey Ultimate Team Starter Pack.
HUT CPU <#> Win (Bronze): Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team
single player match versus at least a Pro level CPU.
HUT Online Win (Bronze): Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team
online match.
Jumbo Pack (Bronze): Open first Jumbo Pack.
Looking for Deals (Bronze): Visit a Hockey Ultimate Team Trading
Box of Cards (Bronze): Open 15 Card Packs.
Taking on the CPU (Bronze): Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team single
player tournament.
Taking on the Public (Bronze): Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team online
Try It On For Size (Bronze): Visit the Hockey Shop and equip an
attribute boost into a boost slot.
Up and Comers (Bronze): Play and win a match using an OHL, WHL,
QMJHL team against a Pro level CPU NHL team.
Good Preview (Bronze): Play and win a Pre-Season match in Be A GM
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