Чит коды на NBA Elite 11 (PS3)

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Quick Deuce (Bronze): Reach Level 2 in Become Legendary mode.
Branded (Bronze): Reach Level 5 in Become Legendary mode and get
signed to Jordan Brand.
Dime Time (Bronze): Reach Level 10 in Become Legendary mode.
Freshly Laced (Bronze): Reach Level 12 in Become Legendary mode
and unlock your second tier of Jordans.
They See Me Rollin'... (Bronze): Reach Level 15 in Become
Legendary mode.
Broad Strokes (Bronze): Get one level in every DNA stat level in
Become Legendary mode.
Shakin' Hands (Bronze): Get drafted in Become Legendary mode.
Don't Call It a Comeback (Bronze): Complete a 'bounce back'
objective in Become Legendary mode.
Dust Him For Prints (Bronze): Get every 'fingerprint' at least
once in Become Legendary mode.
Gotcha (Bronze): Complete a matchup objective before reaching
Legend Level 10.
Strike a Match (Bronze): Complete a matchup objective in between
Legend Levels 10 and 17.
Face of the Franchise (Bronze): Complete a matchup objective after
Legend Level 17.
Getting Started (Bronze): Reach Level 2 for your EASBA Pro.
Starting to Make A Name (Bronze): Reach Level 10 for your EASBA Pro.
Over the Hump (Bronze): Reach Level 15 for your EASBA Pro.
No 'I' In Team (Bronze): Play a game on an EASBA squad.
One and Done? (Bronze): Play in an EASBA Playoff Game.
Pick Up Run (Bronze): Play in an EASBA Pick-Up Game.
Making Friends (Bronze): Get a Perfect Team-Play Grade in an EASBA
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