Чит коды на MotoGP 09-10 (PS3)

Complete each requirement to receive the Trophies.

1UP (Gold) Complete a full Arcade mode season without using a continue.
Back to my place...? (Bronze) Host a multiplayer race.
Beat the 'Fun Vampire' (Bronze) Beat a time of 01:19.78 on Donington in Time-Trial Mode.
Blackjack (Bronze) Win 21 races online.
Bohemian Unlike You (Bronze) Cross the finish line separately from your bike.
Bon Voyage (Silver) Ride over 100 miles.
Boy Done Good (Bronze) Win on your home circuit in Career Mode.
Brand (Bronze) Choose your own team leather, helmet, livery design and paint
with your own selection of colors.
Centurion (Silver) Complete 100 races in any game mode.
Champagne! (Bronze) Win a race against a full grid of human riders.
Cheers (Bronze) Excited isn't the word...
Corporate Cartel (Bronze) Obtain a full complement of sponsers.
Doppelganger (Bronze) Finish a race with each rider in the game.
Draughter (Bronze) Spend a total of 10 minutes slipstreaming in Arcade mode.
Dude, Where's My Bike? (Bronze) Come to a standstill over 100 yards away from your bike after a crash.
Dynamic! (Bronze) Complete over 50 dynamic race objectives.
Egg-Head (Silver) Fully upgrade a MotoGP class machine in Career Mode.
Endo-Rider (Bronze) Do an endo lasting at least 50 feet on a motorbike.
Famed (Silver) Obtain a reputation level of 20 in career mode.
Find Your Own Way (Bronze) Create a custom racing line in time trial that you then go-on to use
in any other game mode.
Halcyon (Bronze) Win a race with no penalties - all clean sections, no crashes,
no collisions.
Insert Coin (Bronze) Use a continue and then finish first in Arcade Mode.
Jump through some hoops... (Bronze) Successfully perform every type of dynamic race objective.
Legend (Gold) Win a MotoGP class season in Career mode.
Middle Management (Bronze) Hire a full compliment of staff in career mode.
Mirror, Signal, Maneuver (Bronze) Get every type of time bonus within the same lap on Arcade Mode.
Mr. Consistent! (Bronze) Finish 10th or better on every race in a season.
Nicky Hayden (Gold) Win 69 races online.
Niko Wheelie (Bronze) Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike.
Notorious (Bronze) Obtain a reputation level of 10 in career mode.
Out Runned (Bronze) Finish a race with more time than you started with in Arcade Mode,
without using any continues.
Owned (Bronze) Use your own Career Mode motorbike and rider in a multiplayer race.
Panning For Gold (Bronze) Win a race at each track.
Power UP! (Bronze) Earn more time between timing-out and using a continue in Arcade Mode.
Pro (Silver) Win a 250cc class season in Career mode.
Rookie (Bronze) Win a 125cc class season in Career mode.
That's A Rep (Bronze) Obtain a reputation level of 1 in career mode.
The G.O.A.T. (Gold) Obtain a reputation level of 30 in career mode to become the greatest
of all time.
The Ultimate Prize (Platinum) Complete all other Trophies
They Made Me Do It (Bronze) Complete a full season in championship mode.
Top of the Class (Bronze) Obtain an 'A' class rating in all three sessions of a race weekend
in career mode.
Unravel (Bronze) Unlock the MotoGP class in any game mode.
Victory (Bronze) Your first win.
Water Sports (Bronze) Win a wet-weather race.
Wind Tunnel (Bronze) Go over 207mph.
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