Чит коды на ModNation Racers (PS3)


Aggro Racer (Bronze) - Sideswipe 75 opponents
Anonymous (Bronze) - Play an online race
Beat Down (Bronze) - Win your first online action race on a particular published track
Bruiser (Bronze) - Get a total of 200 takedowns
Dominator (Gold) - Come in 1st in every race in the career
Dresser (Bronze) - Create a Mod in Mod Studio
Drifting Superstar (Bronze) - Earn 100,000 drift points in one drift
Fast Learner (Bronze) - Complete all the race tutorials, and watch all the video tutorials
Fill'er Up (Bronze) - Fill your boost meter
Flaming Hot! (Silver) - Get in the top 10% in Hot Lap Mode on any given day
Getting to Know You... (Bronze) - Invite 5 unique friends to an online race
Grim Tour Winner (Bronze) - Win the Grim Tour
HeadSpinner (Bronze) - Do a 1080 spin and land successfully
Hoarder (Silver) - Collect all the tokens in the single player career
Join the Team (Silver) - Beat all 28 developer lap times in career
Knockin' Boost (Bronze) - Drive over 100 boost pads
Level of Merit (Silver) - Complete all the career challenges
Mayhem Tour Winner (Bronze) - Win the Mayhem Tour
Mechanic (Bronze) - Create a kart in Kart Studio
ModNation Legend (Platinum) - Earn all ModNation Racers trophies to unlock this platinum trophy
ModNation Prospect (Bronze) - Earn at least 1,000 Total XP (inclusing Race XP and Create XP)
ModNation Star (Silver) - Earn at least 5,000 total XP (including Race XP and Create XP)
ModNation Superstar (Gold) - Achieve level rank 30
ModSpot Explorer (Bronze) - Visit all the locations in ModSpot
Newcomer (Bronze) - Complete a qualifier race
Offering Opinions (Bronze) - Rate 10 tracks, 10 Mods, and 10 karts
Pacifist (Bronze) - Win an action race without firing any weapons
Pioneer Racer (Bronze) - Be part of the first race on a published track
Range Tour Winner (Bronze) - Win the Ranger Tour
Remixer (Bronze) - Remix a character, a kart, and a track
Say Cheese! (Bronze) - Use photo mode in a race, in a studio, or in the ModSpot
Sculptor (Bronze) - Create a track in Track Studio
Series Winner (Bronze) - Win a ranked race series
Sharing Karts (Bronze) - Publish a kart and have at least 10 people download it
Sharing Mods (Bronze) - Publish a character and have at least 10 people download it
Sharing Splines (Bronze) - Publish a track and have at least 10 people download it
Shields Up! (Bronze) - Successfully defend yourself with your shield 20 times
Shopping Spree (Bronze) - Enter the Shop
Showing the World (Bronze) - Win 10 online races
Slow and Steady (Bronze) - Win an action race without using any boost or using a boost pad
Star Creator (Gold) - Earn at least 250,000 Create XP
Taking on the World (Silver) - Win 100 Online Races
Taster Session (Bronze) - Try all the game modes in Single Player Race
The Drifter (Bronze) - Drift 1,000 times in total
Third Eye (Bronze) - Hit 20 opponents with weapons dropped as secondary weapons
Trigger Happy (Bronze) - Use all the weapons in the game

Boost Start:
Press the [L1] button at the moment it says GO.
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