Чит коды на Mirror's Edge (PS3)

Hard mode:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock the Hard difficulty, which disables
Runner Vision.

Speed Run mode:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Speed Run mode. In this mode, each
level will have a specific target time to complete.

Advance moves:
Wall Run: Hold Up Action while running slightly against a smooth wall.
Wall Run Jump: You can jump from a Wall Run (transferring from wall to
platform or other element) by releasing Up Action and then pressing it again.
Note: If Quick Turn was not used, her angle of jump is far shallower than with
Quick Turn (which essentially aims away from the surface you Wall Run against).
Wall Run Flip: By using Quick Turn, you can quickly bounce/kick jump from a
wall and grab onto mantle-possible surfaces when turned around. This is
otherwise identical to the Wall Run Flip, except for the addition of Quick
Wall Run Kick: While doing a Wall Run, press Attack to kick out. If Quick Turn
is used before Attack, the attack will be a standard jump kick.
Mantle: You can mantle up onto surfaces and fences. A version of this (vault)
is done on low, waist-high objects, like hurdles.
Slide: While running forward, you can slide by holding Down Action. During a
slide, you can attack with a kick. If you lack the momentum, you will instead
crotch-punch the enemy.
Drop Attack: From a high height, drop/jump onto an enemy, and as Faith's
sneakers touch the enemy, press Attack.
Skill Roll: When you are dropping from a height, press Down Action as you
touch the ground to do a safety roll. This move will negate some falling
Disarm: Disarm an enemy by pressing Gold/Triangle when the weapon flashes red.
Even if Runner Vision is turned off, the weapon should still glow red when the
disarm opportunity arises. If disarm is done from behind an enemy (i.e. after
a Wall Run Kick), the disarm is always successful and the weapon may sometimes
not glow at all.
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