Чит коды на Metal Gear Online (PS3)

Successfully complete the indicated task to get the ranking to appear next to your
name online:

Bear: Perform a lot of CQC attacks.
Bee: Perform a lot of scans.
Crocodile: Have a very good kill/death ratio.
Dove: Perform a lot of non-lethal attacks.
Eagle: Have a large percentage of headshots.
Flying Squirrel: Have a high percentage of rolling.
Jaws: Perform a lot of knife kills.
Kerotan: Perform a lot of captures.
Pigeon: Perform a lot of non-lethal attacks.
Rat: Fall for a lot of traps.
Sloth: Get shot in the head a lot.
Snake: Play a lot of sneaking missions.
Turtle: Use the cardboard box a lot.

Bonus songs:
Progress through Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots to unlock new songs in
Metal Gear Online. All songs will become unlocked with a cleared saved game file
from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots. Note: Continuing a new game
session on a cleared saved game file will cause all Metal Gear Online tracks to
become locked again until you pass the point where they are normally unlocked.

Singing character:
While playing the game, type <song> in the chat window to have your character
sing a part of the Metal Gear Online melody.

Character selection screensaver:
At the character selections screen, remain idle. Your character will hide in a
box or start reading a magazine.

Remove frosty breath:
When playing in stages where your breath frosts, have Snake play dead while
prone, and his frosty breath will no longer be seen by others.

Dizzy character:
At the selection screen, keep spinning your character in circles. When you stop,
he will get dizzy and fall over.
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