Чит коды на Medal of Honor: Airborne (PS3)

While playing the game, hold L1 + R1 and press Square, Circle, Triangle, X(2) to
display the "Cheat Entry" prompt. Then, enter one of the following codes to
activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling a code will disable

Full health:
Press Triangle, Square(2), Triangle, X, Circle at the "Cheat Entry" screen.

Full ammunition:
Press Circle(2), Triangle, Square, X, Triangle at the "Cheat Entry" screen.

Sewer escape in Der Flakturm mission:
In the final part of the Der Flakturm mission, when you have to escape through
the sewer, you will encounter approximately six of the hard to kill elite
machine gun soldiers. It is very hard to defeat them all. It is much easier to
run past them all. Make sure you have at least three health bars. Once you climb
the ladder, the game is basically over.
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